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City in need of a food bank


Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to all citizens of LaFayette.

We are in desperate need of a food closet and a  building where people can  donate clothing, furniture, etc.  I will be talking to various people about donating a building to be used for this purpose.  I hope God touches someone’ heart!  Maybe the Lord has blessed you with more than you need.  A lot of less fortunate people don’t have the transportation to get to Valley to get groceries and help!  The Bible says feed the poor and  help those who can’t help themselves.

A neighbor came by my house today to ask for food.  After paying rent, they had no money left to purchase groceries.  I barely have food myself, but I will not let a person go hungry so I gave what I could.  This young man in this household works but after paying their rent, they had no money to buy food.  They have no car for transportation.  Both of them want to work and the young man cuts my grass and does a few small jobs for me to make a little extra money.  He is a very hard worker and respectful young man.  Recently, I took this man’s mom to ask a local pastor to ask if he could be of any assistance,  and this wonderful man gave her a check to help her purchase food. God bless him. There is no better man or preacher than this preacher!!

Jesus said, what you do for a person — you are doing for him!  I don’t know why the Lord has put this on my heart or gave me this job to do.  However, I know God knew at one time I was hungry and broke, struggling and trying to put bread on the table.  God blesses me every day with at least food.

So citizens of LaFayette, please open your hearts. Please lets get this going for the people who need it! Give what you can give, there are adults and children that are hungry, adults and children who need clothes or soap. Let’s not let anybody in this town be hungry or be without a bar of soap.

Thank you,

Patsy Hood