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City of LaFayette joins opioid lawsuit


By Alton Mitchell

The city of LaFayette has agreed to join a growing class-action lawsuit being brought against the manufacturers of opioid related medications. The city of LaFayette is just the latest in growing list of hundreds of municipalities across the country to seek legal action against companies that produce and supply the highly addictive narcotics.

City Attorney Joseph “Mac” Tucker will not be representing the city in the proceedings, but the suit will be handled by the Beasley Allen Law Firm in Montgomery. The suit is a national suit that will be heard in a Cleveland, Ohio Federal Courthouse as hundreds of city, county, and state governments seek to recover damages from opioid companies.
The national suit claims that manufacturers have deliberately deceived patients and doctors.

believing that opioids are not addictive and were a safe treatment for long-term pain management. City Attorney Tucker told members of the LaFayette City Council that he did not see why the city should not join the lawsuit. Tucker also noted that the only way to handle a suit of this size is to go through a large firm.

LaFayettes participation in the suit will cost the city nothing out of pocket. If damages are awarded the attorney representing the city will receive 1/3 of those damages as compensation for their work. The other funds go to the city to help with the burden caused by what is being called a very terrible epidemic.

The Chambers County Commission joined the lawsuit two weeks ago and is also being represented under the umbrella of the Beasley Allen Law Firm. There is no word yet on when the trial could possibly begin.