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City Of LaFayette Special Run-Off Election (District B)


The City of LaFay-
ette will hold a Special
Run-Off Election for
the position of Coun-
cilmember (District B)
on Tuesday, March 26,
2019. The purpose of this
article is to provide the
people of LaFayette with
some information on the
procedures to be followed
during this election to as-
sist the people in voting.
On March 26, 2019 the
polls will be open in the
Council Chambers of City
Hall from 7am until 7pm
central standard time to
allow people to cast votes.
If you are a qualified
voter of LaFayette hav-
ing resided in District B
since at least February 24,
2019, you are eligible to
vote. Since in this Special
Run-Off Election you will
be voting for the position
of City Councilmember
District B only, on Elec-
tion Day voters will go to
the table beginning with
the first letter of their Last
Name. There will be two
tables set up. Table one
will contain all last names
beginning with letters
A-M. Table two will con-
tain all last names begin-
ning with letters N-Z.
Earlier it was men-
tioned that since this is a
City election, only voters
in LaFayette are eligible
to vote. A list of qualified
voters will be published
in the March 6th, March
13th, and March 20th
editions of the LaFayette
SUN. A copy of the list
of qualified voters will
also be posted on bulletin
boards at City Hall, the
LaFayette Public Library,
and at the Chambers
County Courthouse. If
you are a resident of Dis-
trict B, at least 18 years
old, and a registered voter
in the City of LaFayette,
then your name should
be on that list. IF YOU
DAVIDSON AT 334-864-
7181. For those that have
moved, you need to re-
identify yourself to bring
your voter registration
up to date. The process
to re-identify is easy:
you will need to visit the
Chambers County Board
of Registrars and you will
be asked to fill out a short
update form. That is all
there is to it. The Board of
Registrars is located in the
County Office Building,
18 Alabama Avenue East,
in LaFayette and the hours
are 8:00 am to 4:30pm
central standard time.
On Election Day, if a
person’s name cannot be
found on the LaFayette
District B voters list,
and cannot be found by
contacting the Board
of Registrars, then the
person will be asked to
vote a provisional ballot.
City Of LaFayette
Special Run-Off
Election (District B)
The provisional ballot is
similar to a regular ballot,
but the provisional ballot
will not be counted by ma-
chine. After the polls close
the provisional ballots are
kept in a sealed container
at City Hall while the af-
fidavits of the provisional
voters are taken to the
Board of Registrars. The
Board of Registrars will
use that week between
the election date (March
26th) and the date the
Council canvasses the
election results (April 2nd)
to review the affidavits of
the provisional voters and
make a determination of
eligibility. A report will
be made to the Council
prior to the canvassing
meeting on Tuesday, April
2, 2019 at 12:00 Noon,
in the Council Chambers
of City Hall, 50 Alabama
Avenue West, LaFayette,
AL 36862. If the Board
determines the provi-
sional vote was cast by an
eligible voter, the Council
will count the vote. If the
person is not shown to be
an eligible voter, the vote
is not counted.
Everyone needs to be
aware that all voters will
be expected to show photo
identification to the poll
workers before being al-
lowed to vote. There are
many forms of acceptable
photo identification. A
complete list is available at
City Hall. The most com-
mon form of identification
is a current driver license;
other forms of ID include
a valid Alabama nondriver
identification card, a valid
Alabama photo voter iden-
tification card, and a valid
US passport.
In some instances
people may want to vote,
but will be out of town
on Election Day. Those
people may still vote by
casting an absentee ballot.
This process begins with
the voter applying for an
absentee ballot on a pre-
scribed application form.
The blank application form
can be given to anyone.
A completed application
for an absentee ballot
may only be returned in
person by the applicant, or
through the mail. Only one
absentee ballot application
is allowed per envelope.
Multiple absentee ballot
applications per envelope
will not be accepted and
will be returned to the
sender. Absentee ballot ap-
plications will be accepted
until 5pm Thursday, March
21, 2019. Similar to voters
at the polls, proper identi-
fication will be required of
all absentee voters.
The purpose of this
article is to assist those
individuals wanting to
vote in the LaFayette
Special Run-Off Election
(District B) on March 26,
2019. Through following
the appropriate procedures
contained in this article,
everyone should be able to
quickly and conveniently
cast their vote on March
26, 2019.