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City seeks grant for better water


By Alton Mitchell

The city government of LaFayette hopes to continue an improvement and update to the city’s aging water system that started in 2015. A new grant may hold the key to the city securing additional funds for a major water improvement project.

On Monday a public hearing was held to discuss the city of LaFayette applying for a community development block grant. If approve the grant would be used to make updates and improvements to the water and sewer systems in LaFayette.

The plan is to pick-up where another project stopped in 2015. That project was a major development in LaFayette that replaced lines in an area east of U.S. Highway 431. City officials now hope to complete all improvements east of U.S. Highway 431 if the grant is awarded to LaFayette.

The new project carries a price tag of around $600,000, but will replace lines along 2nd Avenue to 431. It also calls for line replacement along 3rd Avenue which holds an impact on improvements to a LaFayette public housing complex.

If LaFayette is awarded the grant the maximum amount for a city the size of LaFayette is $450,000. There is no word yet on how the city will cover the additional $150,000 in expenses. City officials do note that the grant is a very competitive one, but have a good outlook on things as they strengthen their documents for the grant.