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Column: The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth


By Paul Richardson

Opinions expressed are my own and not necessarily endorsed by this newspaper.

Okay, I’ll admit it. There have been times recently when I sounded very anti-government. But as I explained, it is not in a subversive or revolutionary way.  It is simply to show how inefficient and inadequate Washington is. Our elected officials are not serving the public interest.

I have come to the conclusion that no one in Washington has any idea of the value of money.

Our elected officials sit in their fancy offices, with everything paid for or furnished to them and they have no concept of how the average American lives and suffers. They continue to give away billions of dollars every year while domestic services are cut further and further.

November 1, 2013 the food stamp program (EBT) was cut by 4 billion dollars. To a family of four, this is a loss of $36 per month. (CBS News)

The very poorest of our citizens, the ones on Medicaid saw their co-pay on prescription drugs and doctor visits increase more than 300%. In addition, no more brand name drugs will be covered.

Starting January 1, a Medicaid recipient will be limited to only five generic prescriptions per month. For someone on Insulin (with all the related items needed, test strips, etc.) this is as good as a death sentence.

Obama closed the White House to all public tours to save money. Yet he spends it like there is no tomorrow. Since day one, he has average a trip aboard Air Force One every three days. And when all is tallied up, the cost of flying that plane is over $750,000 per hour!

That includes a cost of $180,000 (with crew and accessories)  just to fly that one plane alone. Then there are the two F-15’s that accompany him. They cost $41,921 per hour for each to operate!

(According to the Washington Times) Obama’s Africa trip in 1998 cost the tax payer $42.8 million. His trip to China cost $18.8 million!

And there are two identical Air Force One’s. Many times, both planes fly the same route, one as a decoy  and the other carrying the President.

Three years ago, Obama had both planes refurbished to suit his needs, complete with a new exterior paint job. And guess what, on both planes the U.S. flag was removed from the tail fin.

While we are talking about what things cost, the first 19 new spy drones for Homeland Security has arrived and are now in use. The first official act was to catch a cow thief in North Dakota!

There is no word yet on what they cost to build each , but we do know it will cost $3679 per hour to operate. (According to the Washington Times).

Then consider the biggest flop of all time, Obama Care. Since its conception two years ago, it has already cost the tax payers (you and me) $394 BILLION. (The Washington Post and CNN says it is more like $600 billion.)

Overall, the estimated cost projection for ten years of (forced) Obama Care is $4 Trillion. (That’s for an anticipated overall enrollment of only a grand total of 23 million people.)

Social Security is expected to go broke in the next 20 years. Too bad that $4 trillion wasted on Obama Care could not have been invested in S.S. or veteran’s benefits (or schools and social services.)

I don’t like to make predictions, but this I am sure of…….we have only seen the tip of the ice berg. Far worse and much more is coming. Within the next three years, look for major cutbacks in S.S. and Medicare benefits. It’s being planned even as we speak. Two of the new taxes coming will bankrupt millionaires.

Personally, I would like to see every elected and appointed official in Washington replaced. And the new replacements should be limited to two terms and not one day more.

I always be reached at zipcode36862@yahoo.com