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Commission approves two grants for emergency service


By Alton Mitchell

Chambers County’s emergency agencies are getting a financial boost in the form of grants and financial assistance from the Federal Government. The funds will be used for maintenance and upkeep of key components of emergency and rescue equipment in Chambers County.

On Monday evening, Donnie Smith, Directory of Chambers County 911 went before members of the Chambers County Commission and requested that commissioner approve two Federal Subaward Emergency Performance Grants. Commission members unanimously approved the grants for agency.

The first grant was the 7ICC grant. The grant is given to the county in the amount of $7,500 and is used for the maintenance of the Chambers County R4 Mobile Communication Vehicle. There is no match by the county for the grant. The grant comes from FEMA, The Department of Homeland Security, and ALEA.

The second grant is for the 7FIL grant. The grant totals $3,354.30 and is used for maintenance, training, and upkeep of for the Chambers County Swift Water Rescue team. The rescue team which is based out of the East Alabama Fire Station is a key component to the county. Located only minutes from the Chattahoochee River the team is dispatched on numerous occasions through the year for rescues on the river and other waterways.

Director Smith explained to commission members that the team is not just an asset to Chambers County, but just months ago was within 12 hours of being deployed to Houston, Texas to assist with search and rescue efforts following the historic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

The two grants will help keep the two assets functioning for Chambers County and its residents. Residents wishing to see the mobile communications vehicle which is one the most expensive vehicles in the County’s fleet can see it in Thursday’s Valley Christmas parade.