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Commission approves two grants


The Chambers County
Commission met on
Monday evening and had
a brief, but informative
meeting that lasted only
about 15-minutes. During
the meeting Commission-
ers approved several items
that will prove positive
towards improving the life
of residents in Chambers
As a normal meeting
goes, Monday’s meet-
ing opened with a pledge
which was led by Com-
missioner Joe Blanks. The
pledge was followed by
an Invocation delivered
by Commissioner Doug
Jones. After a roll call not-
ing that all members of the
commission were present
it was down to business.
Commission Chairper-
son Charlie Williams first
opened the meeting floor
to comments from citizens
of Chambers County.
There were none at this
week’s meeting. Williams
then opened the floor to
comments for public of-
ficials, again with no input
from elected officials in
Chambers County.
As commissioners got
into the regular agenda,
911 Director Donnie
Smith approached the
commission and sought
approval from the com-
mission to execute two
grants for the County.
The first was a Federal
Subaward Emergency
Performance Grant which
the county will receive in
the amount of $31,812.
The second grant was an-
other similar grant in the
amount of $12,000. Com-
missioners voted unani-
mously to approve the two
grants and gave Williams and Smith permission to
sign off on the two grants
which require no county
dollar match that has not
already been budgeted.
Following the approval
of the grants by commis-
sioners, County Engineer
Josh Harvill updated the
commission on the status
of the liquid asphalt bid
for the County. Harvill
told commissioners that
his department had sent
out bids to five vendors
and received three re-
sponses back for delivery
of liquid asphalt for use in
the county.
Harvill asked commis-
sion members to approve
a bid from a company
named Ergon. Harvill
explained that he would
recommend going with
the bid of this company
because they were able
to supply a tanker drop
which is needed for stor-
age of the material. Anoth-
er bidder did not have the
needed truck included and
would require the county
to pay an additional $75
a day the truck was at
the highway departments
facilities. Commissioners
voted unanimously to ap-
prove the bid from Ergon.
County Manager
Chambers asked commis-
sion members to approve
a long-term detention sub-
sidy contract between the
Chambers County Com-
mission and the Alabama
Department of Youth
Service to maintain a bed
at the Lee County Youth
Detention Facility. It was
noted during the meeting
that there was no increase
in the price of the contract
this year. Commission-
ers agreed to approve the
County Commissioners
also made a brief adjust-
ment to their normal pre-
pared agenda by adding an
amendment, so commis-
sioners could approve the
2018-2019 budget. The
budget had been reviewed
and approved with a first
and second in committee.
Commissioners voted to
approve the budget in the
amount of $6,368,341.
After the approval vote,
Commissioner David
Eastridge offered his
thanks to County Manager
Chambers for all the hard
work she puts into getting
the budget together.
Shortly afterward the
commission meeting
adjourned. The commis-
sion is set to meet again
next Monday at 4:00
p.m. central time. Prior
to the meeting commis-
sion members will hold
a public hearing at 3:45
regarding a zoning change
to land near fire station