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Commission, GVAAC honor baseball champions


The 9 and 10-year-old
Dixie Youth World Series
Champs came together
at the Chambers County
Court House Monday night
where the Chamber County
Commissioners address the
team. “All of Chambers
County is proud of this Valley
Team for winning the
Dixie Youth World Series
Championship. It is going
to take awhile for this to
sink in.”
The 9 and 10-year-old
all-star team advanced thru
the ranks to win the World
Series title in Lumberton
North Carolina. One Commissioner
stated, “There is
no I in team. I know it took
you all to get there. One
day when your old like us
you will tell your grandkids

about this.”
One young man on the
team lives in LaFayette.
Hunter Phillips, son of
Josh and April Phillips
played 3rd base on the team

and threw the ball to first
base for the final out of the
Hunter said, “It was a lot
of hard work to make it that
far. Our coach was hard
on us but now I see why. It
was worth it!” Hunter said
he did not sleep well the
night before the big game
because they had lost to
North Carolina once.
With two outs and a
batter up Hunter said he
thought, “That last batter
kept fouling off in my
direction and I just kept
thinking hit it to me!” That
last batter did hit a ground
ball to Hunter Phillips and
he grabbed it and threw it
to his teammate Jax Miller
at 1st base. Hunter said, “It
seemed like it took a long
time for that ball to get to
fist base after I threw it!
When Jax caught the ball I
thought WE DID IT!”
Hunter went on to say
how his coaches told them
how proud they were and
how much they loved them
The Boys team has felt
the pride and love from
all of Chambers County
including Monday night
where they were recognized
by the Chambers
County Commissioners
Office with a proclamation
in their honor, presented
with a back pack full of
gifts from local businesses
and Carrie Royster with the
Greater Valley Area Chamber
of Commerce presented
each boy with a keep sake
bat that was personalized
The Council adjourned by D.J. McElvy.