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Commission okays Norbord, Ajin tax abatements


During Monday after

noons Chambers County
Commission meeting,
members of the commis

sion voted unanimously
to approve tax abatements
for two local manufac

tures. The abatements
assist will allow the two
local facilities to grow
their local operations and
hopefully add more jobs to
the local economy in the
near future.
The Chambers County
Commission first ap

proved a tax abatement for
Norbord. Commissioners
were already familiar with
the project as it had come
out of the Rule’s, Ways,
and Means committee
meeting previously.
Norbord which pres

ently has operations in
Lanett initially invested
$42 million dollars in its operations in Lanett. Fol

lowing the approval of the
latest tax abatement the
company plans to invest
and additional $19.5 mil

lion into its operations in
The latest expansion
at Norbord will allow the
company to bring in new
equipment which allows
the company to diversify
its operations in Chambers
County. The companies
goal is to have a diversity
rate of 55% of the prod

ucts manufactured locally.
The abatement only
impacts sales and use, and
property tax. There will be
no impact on funding to
local schools as part of the
abatements. Construction
on the Norbord project
should start sometime
next year according to the
Chambers County Devel

opment Authority.
A second tax abate

ment was also approved t Monday’s meeting.
AJIN which has op

erations at the Cusseta
Industrial Park just off
Interstate 85 will invest
$30.8 million in its local
plant. The expansion at
AJIN will create five new
jobs as the plant gears up
production of materials
for new car models to be
manufactured at the Kia
plant in West Point and
the Hyundai Plant located
near Montgomery.
The tax abatements
for AJIN will be similar
to the ones for Norbid
as they will only impact
sales and use and prop

erty tax. There will be
not abatement granted for
sales tax given to local
school districts. There is
no word on when work
should begin on the
expansion efforts at the
AJIN facility