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Commission re-appoints 3 new members


Kenneth Vines
By Alton Mitchell

On Monday evening the Chambers County Commission voted unanimously to re-appoint three members of to the Chambers County Development Authorities Committee. Commissioners also made some appointment to impact the emergency services in the County.

The first of the three appointees to be reappointed was Mr. Bobby Williams. Mr. Williams was reappointed for another 4-year term to serve on the CCDA committee. In addition to Williams Mr. Greg Duffey was also reappointed for a 4-year term as well. One final appointee was Mr. George Chambley who was also reappointed for a term of 4-years.

Bobby Williams was on hand at the meeting on Monday and thanked the Commission for their great works in working with the CCDA and making Chambers County move forward. “We have 14 good board members and the best development team in the state of Alabama,” announced Williams. He continued on a cited the great works being possible by the citizens of Chambers County as well as the city council and county commission that are always on board to make things work smooth.

In addition to the reappointing of the three CCDA committee members the County Commission also voted to appoint LaFayette police Lt. George Rampey to replace Mr. Kenneth Vines as the city of LaFayette’s representative on the Chamber County Emergency Communications Board of Directors. Lanett Fire Chief Johnny Allen was re-appointed to the Chambers County 911 Board.

While emergency services were on the mind of commissioners the County Commission voted unanimously to allow the Sheriff’s Department to begin the bidding process on a new transport vehicle for inmate transfers from other areas. The present vehicle travels throughout the state of Alabama and neighboring states resulting in more than 213,000 miles on the Ford Crown Victoria that is presently used for inmate transports. A resolution to seek bids only was approved by the commission. The cost of the vehicle may have no additional charge to the County Commission as deputies present at the meeting state they will use the bail bond fee to make the purchase.
The County Commission will meet again on Monday April 3rd at 4:00 p.m. CST at the Chambers County Courthouse in LaFayette.