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Commission, Valley partner to pave boat ramps


Members of the Chambers County Commission and the Valley City Council visited the Shawmut Boat Ramp on November 15th. County Engineer Josh Harvill stated that Highway Department crews should be complete with the County’s portion of the Shawmut Boat Ramp before Thanksgiving. County crews should begin work on the Langdale Boat Ramp after Thanksgiving. Pictured above from Left to Right: Sam Bradford, Chambers County Commissioner, District 4; Joe Blanks, Chambers County Commissioner, District 3; Debbie Wood, Chambers County Commissioner, District 6; David Eastridge, Chambers County Commissioner, District 5; Charlie Williams, Chambers County Commission Chairman, District 1; Henry Cooper, Valley Council Member, District 6; Jimmy Gilson, Valley Council Member, District 7; Leonard Riley, Valley Mayor; Lana Wiggins, Valley Council Member, District 5; Marquetta Madden, Valley Council Member, District4; and Doug Jones, Chambers County Commissioner, District 2.
The Chambers County Commission and the City of Valley voted in July to partner together to pave the entrance and parking at the Shawmut and Langdale Boat Ramps. In addition, the City of Valley will be resurfacing the Walking Trail at the Shawmut Airport.

The Chamber County Commission has assisted the City of Valley in the past by blading the boat ramps to keep them accessible. Last year, the Commission decided to discuss the possibilities of paving the boat ramps with the City of Valley. “The Chattahoochee River is such a wonderful resource to our community,” said Debbie Wood, Commissioner, District 6. “We decided it was a worthwhile investment to better promote the recreational use of the River.”

The City of Valley was not only in favor of the partnership but decided to leverage the projects to acquire a better price for resurfacing the Shawmut Airport Walking Trail, an investment that Valley Mayor Leonard Riley indicated was already being planned. “We’re very appreciative of the County’s desire to assist us with these improvements,” said Leonard Riley, Valley Mayor. “Together with the Walking Trail, we feel like this continues to provide our citizens with multiple recreational options along the Chattahoochee River.”

Under the current agreement, Chamber County will provide approximately $143,000 to pave the existing entrance and parking area at the Shawmut and Langdale Boat Ramps. The City of Valley will provide approximately $80,000 to resurface the Shawmut Airport Walking Trail and to add an additional paved parking area near the Shawmut Boat Ramp. The Chambers County Highway Department provided the Construction Plans and the grade work to prepare for the paving. Chris Clark Grading and Paving, Inc. was awarded the paving and striping bid.