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Commissioners approve $16.3 million budget


The Chambers County Commission approved the 2013-14 fiscal year budget on Monday morning in a special called meeting. The $16.3 million budget was unanimously approved just one day before the fiscal year began on October 1.

County Manager John Dendy gave a brief breakdown of the budget before it was approved. The budget lists the general fund revenue at more than $4.7 million. It is calculated to be $5.1 million when figuring in $100,000 from the Alabama Trust Fund, $100,000 from the Road and Bridge Fund and over $230,000 from an unencumbered balance.

In the budget, the commission office is allotted approximately $465,000. There is approximately $102,000 for office buildings, $130,000 for IT support, $15,000 for courts, $470,000 for probate court, $235,000 for the revenue commissioner’s office, $75,000 for elections, $1.3 million for the sheriff’s office, $1.5 million for the county jail, $217,000 for the solid waste department, $65,000 for elderly services, $1.8 million for economic development, $1.4 million for the road and bridge fund, $96,000 for the drug task force, $590,000 for reappraisal and mapping fund expenses, and $70,000 for the animal shelter.

In other business at the meeting, commissioners unanimously agreed to amend the certificate of incorporation of the East Alabama Water, Sewer and Fire Protection District because of the recent merger between the entity and the Beulah Utility District.

The merger expands East Alabama’s service into a portion of Lee County and the action will become official once the Lee County Commission approves it next week. The newly formed entity will include a nine-member board with six members from Chambers County and three from Lee County, each to be appointed by the respective commissions. East Alabama presently has around 6,000 customers in Chambers County and will be adding around 3,000 Lee County water users with the merger.

The commission approved resolutions to reappoint Chuck Goodwin to a new four-year term on the East Alabama board and Allen Tucker and Richard Carter to new four-year terms on the Chambers County Recreation Board.