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Consolidation receives mixed reviews at forums


Two community town
hall forums have wrapped
up in Chambers County
as has a survey asking
residents for feedback
about the possible con-
solidation of high schools
in Chambers County into
a single high school. The
results show that mem-
bers of the community
are split on the idea and
many just want more in-
formation before moving
A survey has com-
pleted that was being
done by a consulting firm
that specializes in educa-
tion called Cooperative
Strategies. A survey that
was distributed around
Chambers County asked
residents if they support-
ed the idea of consolidat-
ing high schools in the
county into a single high
Residents that re-
sponded to the survey
were split about half
and half with no and yes
answers. The majority
of the 1,600 respondents
said the answer was no,
but only by 3% more
than those who said yes.
A large part of the county
about 23% said they were
still open and undecided
on the issue and need
more information before
making a decision.
No decision has yet
been made on if Cham-
bers County will receive
a new consolidated high
school or not. During the
meetings information was
disclosed that showed
the consolidation of the
high schools could carry
benefits such as allowing
time to be freed up for
teachers at the schools
to teach new courses not
presently offered at the
Some questions arose
about if students will be
able to get along com-
ing from different high
schools. It was noted that
the facility has nothing
to do with the students
ability to get along and is
there as a tool to improve
educational resources
for Chambers County
Although two town
halls were held in Valley
and LaFayette last week,
it is a good bet that there
will be additional meet-
ings in the near future
as more questions are
answered and new ones
arise ahead of any possi-
ble consolidation or new
high school construction
in Chambers County.