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Construction of park hits snag


By Alton Mitchell

Plans are moving forward with getting the New City Park in LaFayette to take shape. As surveyors have been looking over the worksite a slight problem was noticed and tangled planners in an underlying situation. The problem is undergrown vegetation and root systems from nearby pine trees.

The root of the problem goes to one that was unforeseen as city officials were unaware of the problem and did not make plans in the initial budget to deal with the problems. Planners with the park have reached out and found an agency that can spray the undergrowth for a cost of $87.39 per acre. The entire 50 plus acres of the soon to be park would not need to be sprayed, but only about 45 acres would require the treatment giving it a price tag of under $4,000 for the treatment.

An alternative to the spraying would be to bulldoze the area, but that could carry a price tag of between $400-$600 per acre. Weighing the different outcomes LaFayette officials on Monday night decided to go with the most cost effective measure and approved the use of reserve funds to fit the bill and get the necessary treatments done.

The New City Park in LaFayette still remains on track and the undergrowth problem appears to no longer be a major issue for planners and developers of the new park. Officials opted to act quickly due to the issue the plants were still growing, which in turn meant that time was not waiting. An amendment was made to the budget to allow for the approval of the spraying to eradicate the undergrowth issue.