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Council agrees to lease Community House to UNITE


After twice failing to
get a quorum in February,
the City Council convened
a third time on March 4th
and transacted business in
a short meeting with all
members present.
Streets and Sanitation
Superintendent George
Green presented options
for equipment to continue
the work of demolishing
condemned buildings.
The City has been using
a backhoe, but working
with the debris presents
considerable risk to the
expensive pneumatic
tires of a backhoe, so a
tracked excavator is a
better choice. Mr. Green
gave the Council informa-
tion on three options for
obtaining an excavator for
the work: rental, purchase
of used equipment or
purchase of new equip-
ment. He added that there
will be an auction of used
equipment starting on
April 19. Mayor Moody
suggested that the deci-
sion be made at the meet-
ing to be held on April
18th, thereby allowing the
Council members time to
study the information, and
the Council voted to adopt
the Mayor’s suggestion.
The Council approved
an off-premises beer and
wine license for Ren-
froe’s (formerly Parker’s)
Due to the need to pre-
pare the Council Cham-
bers for use as the polling
place for the March 26
runoff election, the March
25, 2019 City Council was
rescheduled to March 18,
and the meeting to can-
vass the election results
was set for April 1 at 12
Councilman Thomas
brought up the disposal of
surplus property, especial-
ly some of the contents of
the New City Hall (Mc-
Clendon Building) that are
in the way of the work of
renovation. The disposal
had been postponed until
after the Special Election.
Lists are in the process of
being made.
In other business,
Councilwoman Tammie
Williams brought up the
matter of some proposed
State legislation to reduce
the City’s powers in
the Police Jurisdiction,
and moved to adopt the
recommendation from the
Alabama League of Mu-
nicipalities that the City
to pass a resolution asking
the State Legislature not
to make any change in the
current law. Approved
A few weeks ago, Mr.
Travis Smith of UNITE,
Inc. (College Prep and
Retention organization)
asked the City Council to
enter into a partnership
with them, including long-
term lease to use the Com-
munity House for their
activities. Councilwoman
Williams made the Coun-
cil aware that Auburn is
actively courting UNITE,
and that it is essential to
act quickly if we want to
keep UNITE in LaFayette.
The Council unanimously
passed her motion to
authorize the Mayor and
City Clerk to negotiate an
agreement to be presented
to the Council for its ap-