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Council approves contract for grant writing services


The LaFayette City Council met briefly at City Hall on Monday to handle a few items of routine business in their first meeting of March. The council approved three resolutions and made several voting delegation appointments.

One resolution the council approved was to renew the services with L.P. Campbell Company for grant writing services. L.P. Campbell Company has helped the city get several grants, including a Community Development Block Grant for a large paving project. Campbell’s previous contract expired at midnight on Monday. The move was unanimously approved.

In a related resolution, the council approved a Fire Safety Grant proposal. If awarded, the grant would allow the city to purchase address markers for residents in the city. The grant could be for as much as $25,000 and requires a five percent match by the city.

A resolution approving the city’s Municipal Water Pollution Prevention Program was approved as well. Water and Wastewater Superintendent Katie Hill told the council the only mark against the city in the program was the age of the water plant, which is now 21 years old.

In making appointments, the council approved Councilwoman Tammie Williams as the voting delegate for the Alabama League Convention. Councilman Erick Vines was appointed first alternate and Councilman Terry Mangram was appointed second alternate. Mayor Barry Moody will serve as the city’s voting delegate for the Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation meeting and Williams will serve as the alternate.