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Council approves road work for new Origis Energy plant


By Alton Mitchell

The new Origis Energy Solar Plant will soon be a landmark for the LaFayette area. The massive solar facility has been on the minds of many residents and elected officials for several months. Ground should be broken in the coming months on the new plant and on Monday evening the latest of projects to accompany the plant was approved by the city of LaFayette.
The new solar facility will feature several access points and one of those access points needed the approval of LaFayette officials in order to become a reality. Mr. George Green of the city of LaFayette presented the information to council on Monday evening.

While addressing the city council Mr. Green gave more information about the access points for the plant. The plant will feature a total of 9 turnout points. One point will be on Industrial Drive in LaFayette, this point is known as access point 7. The access point does require cutting into the curb to make the point a reality.

Mr. Green outlined the project to be one that should not have a significant impact on traffic patterns or neighborhoods. Access Point Seven is just one of nine and these are just like driveways to and from the solar plant.

Many access points have already been approved by other government bodies. Chambers County has approved six access points and the State of Alabama has approved one along the Bypass. Officials from Origis were on hand at the city council meeting and advised the city that the reason there is a need for the various access points is because parts of the lands are made up of wetlands.

Origis Energy officials are protecting the wetlands on the property so the access points are being designed to not have an impact on the wetlands environment of the area. Mr. Green recommended to the city that LaFayette should approve the turnout points. City officials agreed and voted unanimously to approve the turnouts for the plant. This brings the start of construction of the plant one step closer.