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Council bids farewell to three of their own


By Alton Mitchell

Monday evening’s LaFayette Mayor-City Council meeting was a highly unique meeting. The meeting served as an unofficial passing of the torch for three vibrant council members as they sat in their last council meetings for the current term.
While city council members Terry Mangram, Erick Vines, and David Ennis are passing the responsibilities of the residents of their district to newly elected council members the works the three men have contributed to the city of LaFayette were brought to the limelight Monday evening.

LaFayette Barry Moody opened the floor during the biweekly council meeting to acknowledge the works contributed by the departing council members. “We want to thank you for all you have done and we appreciate it,” Moody explained while addressing his three colleagues.

The works of David Ennis were first addressed. Councilmen Ennis was highlighted for his exceptional financial insight and analysis. Mayor Moody thanked Councilman Ennis for his contributions in keeping LaFayette financially sound as possible. Councilwoman Tammie B. Williams followed up with her gratitude in the 16 years she served along Councilman Ennis. “We fight, we agree, we disagree, just like a family we will miss you dearly,” Councilwoman Williams said.

Also departing is Councilman Terry G. Mangram. While Monday night served as the last city council meeting for Councilman Mangram other members of the city council thanked him for his lasting legacy that he bestowed upon LaFayette. His Legacy is best described in his ability to get LaFayette’s new city park from a dream to a reality. Council members acknowledged that Mangram has served as a leader in getting the new park in place.

The final departing member of the LaFayette City Council is Councilman Erick N. Vines. Councilman Vines leaves a legacy of pushing LaFayette forward. “You stepped in and conducted yourself and a professional manner,” Mayor Moody said about Councilman Vines. Councilwoman Williams also highlighted the works of Councilman Vines in the fact that the works of Vines has pushed the city in a positive direction.

The new council members will be sworn in at a service at City Hall on Monday November 7th, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. Central Time. The new council members have some big shoes to fill as many projects have been recently placed in the works that are pushing LaFayette forward. The departing council members issued a challenge to the new members to keep pushing the city in a positive direction.