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Council confirms McClendon bldg purchase complete


By Alton Mitchell

On Monday evening members of the LaFayette city council gathered at City Hall on Alabama Avenue to discuss the business of the past two weeks. Uniquiely the outlined agenda did not present a outline for very detailed meeting. This week’s meeting focused more on allowing council members to address issues that they say facing the city of LaFayette and observations of items that may reflect future business in the city.

Councilman Terry Mangram initially opened up the floor address some traffic and safety concerns he noticed within the city. One that sought immediate attention was the issue of low hanging powerlines over the Bypass in LaFayette. The concerns were addressed as it was learned that efforts are being made to sign a contractor to raise the lines to a higher and safer level.

Councilman Mangram also expressed concerns with more timely enforcement of ordinances that will have property owners keep their lawns tended to in a timelier manner. Concerns were expressed that showed current procedures may have a property owner being notified of being in violation of ordinance in a delayed manner and may only get the problem resolved once in a season. No immediate decision was reached on the issue, but it will be examined further.

Sales tax revenues reports were read by city clerk Louis Davidson. Mr. Davidson noted that sales tax revenues are up from this time last year, but also acknowledges some assistance from state audits in the months of November and January to assist with extra revenue generation. Utility revenue generation were also addressed by Mr. Davidson, as he stated those have remained on a flat level.

Councilman David Ennis brought up questions as to whether LaFayette’s rates were in line with other municipalities. Mr. Davidson stated that they were in line. Councilman Ennis also took time to address the issue of city owned properties more specifically the purchase of the McClendon building in downtown. The building is rumored to be the home of a new city hall for LaFayette. During the meeting the questions presented by Ennis resulted in the answer that the purchase of the McClendon building had been finalized by the city.

The purchase of the McClendon building also opened the questions about city owned property. Councilman Ennis recommended that he city should look more closely into properties owned by the city much like the old medical building on 9th Avenue S.W. Ennis suggested that city officials should look at either generating ideas for the properties owned around the city or look into noting them as surplus.

Councilwoman Tammie Williams focused on giving congratulations to another trophy that has been brought home by students at LaFayette High School. Councilwoman Williams took time at the meeting to offer her congratulations to the LaFayette High School track teams on recent victories. The LaFayette girls received first place at a recent state meet in Cullman and the boys came in third place.

Before adjourning the meeting City Clerk Louis Davidson took time to recognize the efforts of local city employee. Mr. Davidson noted on a recent Saturday he was working at City Hall and noticed a box blowing around in the travel lanes of Alabama Avenue. As he went outside to remove the box from the travel lanes he noticed a vehicle stop. Out of the stopped vehicle emerged Perry Story a city employee in LaFayette. He stopped on his day off to remove the box in his personal vehicle for the residents of LaFayette. Mr. Davidson just wanted to take the time to recognize the efforts of the hardworking people that keep LaFayette working even without recognition.

Shortly after council members agreed unanimously to adjourn the meeting after paying the cities bills. The LaFayette City Council meets every other week on Monday’s at 6:00 p.m. Central time in City Hall on Alabama Avenue.