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Council Discusses Cloudy Water, Illegal Vehicles

Caption Al Parker, third from right is honored by the LaFayette City Council.

The October 28, 2019 City Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Barry Moody, with all Council Members present: Neal McCurdy, Toney Thomas, Michael Ellis, Tammie Williams and Charlotte Blasingame.
After the invocation by Police Chief Rampey and the approval of the minutes of the October 14 Council Meeting, the Council approved the LIHEAP Agreement for FY 2020. LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program) is funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. ADECA (Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs) contracts with community action agencies and local nonprofit agencies to deliver LIHEAP to low-income households throughout the state.

The objectives of LIHEAP are to help low-income families meet the costs of home energy, defined as heating and cooling of residences, and to increase their energy self-sufficiency and reduce their vulnerability resulting from energy needs.

LIHEAP is managed in LaFayette by CTC/CAP (The Chambers-Tallapoosa-Coosa Community Action Committee, Inc.)

Next, the Council considered the appointment of the Resident Commissioner to the Auburn Housing Authority. The Auburn Housing Authority manages 102 units of the LaFayette Housing Authority to provide safe, decent, and sanitary housing conditions for individuals and families. Amanda Toles was appointed by a unanimous vote.

City Attorney “Mac” Tucker presented to the Council, a claim by Bell Todd for damages to clothes resulting from the dirty water supplied by the City. The Council unanimously approved the claim.

Councilman McCurdy then asked the Mayor if he had any idea when the water would clear up. Mayor Moody said that he would ask the next day, and have City Clerk Louis Davidson email the answer to the Council Members.

Councilman Thomas told the Council that LaFayette is a member of a Central Alabama Youth Football League. The first round of the playoffs was held on the 26th. at the LaFayette Football Field, the next round will be hosted at Beauregard on Nov. 2nd. and the championship finals will be in Ladonia on the 9th. This is for ages 5 through 6, 7 & 8 and 11 & 12. There is a good possibility that LaFayette will win all three of the championship games.

Councilwoman Tammie Williams reminded the Council and Police Chief Rampey about the number of illegal vehicles that regularly travel LaFayette Streets, including golf carts, lawn mowers and off-road 4-wheelers. She pointed out that this had been repeatedly mentioned in Council meetings, and that they had obtained an Attorney General’s opinion that confirmed that it is illegal to drive these vehicles on public streets. Councilwoman Williams expressed her concern that someone may be injured as a result of not enforcing the law. She emphasized that at least one Council member and City Departments are illegally driving such vehicles.

Councilwoman Williams also brought up the question of whether City employees would be able to have Thursday, Dec. 26 off, using personal time, such as vacation. This opened a discussion about whether the City offices could be open, and the Council voted unanimously to approve the option for individual employees to choose to be off work on the 26th.

Councilwoman Blasingame reminded everyone about the downtown “Trick or Treat” on the 31st. from 4 to 5 PM. She also said that Mainstreet Alabama would give a presentation in LaFayette on Nov. 12 at 5:00PM. LaFayette citizens and those who live outside the City are all welcome.

The Council passed unanimously the first reading of Ordinance No. 457, to move forward the utility delinquent cutoff date for November from the 27th. to the 22nd. The purpose is to avoid problems for both citizens and City Staff due to the Thanksgiving holidays.

New Handy Cemetery deeds were conveyed to Bessie Bledsoe (No. 1516) and Dorothy Vines (No. 1517), and No. 1520 transferred from Pearl and David Todd to Clarinet Dunson.

By a unanimous vote, the Council authorized the payment of $534,572.07 owed by the City.

The Council did not address the one nuisance property on the agenda: Timothy Vines & Antoinette D. Vines 3rd Avenue N.E., Along 3rd Avenue N.E., LaFayette, Alabama — Parcel # 12 12 01 12 3 001 048.000. The resolution declaring this property to be a nuisance,No. 2019-05-13-08, was tabled in the May 13 Council Meeting to allow new owners, Williams & Sheila Davenport, to decide what to do with the property. Action was again postponed in the August 12 meeting to allow time for the Davenports to get the results of an asbestos test.

The Mayor and Council proclaimed Oct. 28th. as “Al Parker Day”, honoring Al Parker, who owned and operated Parker Foods from 1992 until Feb. 10, 2019, recognizing Mr. Parker’s commitment and generous contributions to the City of LaFayette and its citizens, and his service to the community. Mr. Parker responded that others did all the hard work to plan, organize and carry out community projects, and he simply followed in his father’s footsteps by contributing to organizations and individuals in need. A reception in honor of Al Parker followed the meeting.

Videos of City Council Meetings are available at www.lafayetteforcitizens.org.