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Council discusses one cent sales tax increase


City officials in LaFay

ette are looking for ways
to increase the amount of
money coming into the
city. The dilemma has
faced the city for some-
time as overall costs have
grown, but little change
has been seen in increase
of revenue. Despite the
budget differences, La-
Fayette continues to oper-
ate as a city with very
little debt and a fairly
balanced annual budget.
On Monday evening
members of LaFayette’s
council got a first look
at the proposed budget
for the upcoming fiscal
year. While noting the
upcoming expenditures
the city will face council
members also explored
ideas of how the city may
be able to generate ad-
ditional revenue.
Councilman Michael
Ellis brought up an idea
that has been previously
looked at but slowly
placed on the backburner
after little community
support was shown.
That idea was a sales tax
increase of one cent in
LaFayette. Estimates of
increasing the sales tax
in LaFayette by one cent
would equal out to about
an additional $220,000
for the city of LaFayette annual.
Sales tax remains as
the largest generator of
revenue for the city with
an income of about $1.3
million in 2017 the ad-
ditional increase would
be a substantial increase
to the city. However, pre-
viously residents spoke
out about the sales tax
increase and voiced
significant concerns over
where the money will go
and be used for.
During the meet-
ing on Monday it was
hinted that most likely
if ever approved the
money would go into the
General Fund for the city.
Council members noted
that the General Fund
is what keeps the city
operating and pays for
services residents love
like public safety.
There was no defini

tive word if council will
seek to have voters vote
on the one-cent sales
tax in the future. Coun-
cil members did not
stop with the just the
single idea of a sales tax
increase as an option for
generating additional
revenue for the city of
Council members
also looked at one local
landmark that may hold
an increase to revenue.
The LaFayette City Cem-
etery is being viewed
as a possible source
of additional revenue
generation in LaFayette.
Council members noted
during the meeting that
LaFayette has one of the
lowest cemetery rates in
the region. The city of
Valley is increasing their
cemetery fees on October
1st and council members
wondered if it was time
for LaFayette to look at a
similar increase.
LaFayette officials
also hope the soon to
be hired code enforce-
ment officer will be able
to generate additional
revenue for the city by
locating businesses op-
erating without a proper
business license in the
city of LaFayette.
A recent audit of the
city of LaFayette showed
the city is in good finan

cial shape and carries
very little debt. However,
LaFayette officials note
they wish to do more, but
can only do so much with
limited funds coming in
and the addition of new
revenue sources can help
the city to achieve much