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Council discusses tax increase, Sunday alcohol sales


By Alton Mitchell

The downtown streetscape project that has changed the face of downtown LaFayette may be only the tip of a massive iceberg developing in the city of LaFayette. A list of potential projects and opportunities for development sit on the horizon for the city if additional funds can be generated. On Monday night one member of council presented a possibility of two funding sources to increase revenue for projects in the city.

LaFayette Councilman Michael Ellis addressed some of the projects already occurring in LaFayette to include; road improvements, new city hall, and the new park. Ellis also noted that these could just be the beginning. Ellis noted that for continued growth in the city additional funds will need to be generated. Ellis introduced two idea that members of the city council may want to look into for generating additional revenue for the city and future projects.

The first was a one cent on the dollar sales tax increase. LaFayette presently has a nine percent sales tax which is among the lowest in Chambers County. Lanett and Valley both have a ten cent on the dollar sale tax. The increase would put LaFayette in line with other Chambers County cities. There was no word on how much potential revenue could be generated by the one cent sales tax increase.

The second revenue generator addressed by Ellis was the potential of allowing Sunday alcohol sales in the city of LaFayette. Ellis seemed confident that allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages on Sunday would generate additional funds for the city and projects.

Niether option is in concrete or even in possible legislation at this point. The two revenue generators were announced strictly as ideas by Ellis as ways to drive additional funds to the city of LaFayette. Ellis recommended that the city council hold a work session in the future to discuss the possibility of both options.