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Council extends business license deadline


The LaFayette City
Council has voted to
allow a short extension
on business licenses and
business tax. The exten-
sion is only a one-time
thing as council will look
at a local ordinance and
make adjustments to it in
the future.
During the January
14, 2019 LaFayette City
Council meeting, mem-
bers of the city council
suspended the rules of the meeting to vote on a
proposed ordinance that
goes hand and hand with
city ordinance 454.
The approved ordinance
allows businesses in the
city to have a one-month
extension from January
14, 2019 to get their busi-
ness licenses and business
tax paid to the city. Shortly
after the special election in
February council members
are expected to review or-
dinance 454 and redo the
ordinance so the extension
will no longer be needed
in the future.