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Council frustrated with stray dogs


By Alton Mitchell

Members of the LaFayette City Council are in unanimous agreement on the fact that something needs to be done about stray dogs roaming the streets of LaFayette and terrorizing residents including council members and their families.

The issue was brought up at Monday evenings city council meeting and this was not the first time the issue has been brought up before the council. Earlier in the year Councilwoman Tammie B. Williams openly expressed her frustration with stray dogs roaming the streets of LaFayette on numerous occasions this year. Councilwoman Williams has expressed strong concerns that the dogs roaming the streets are vicious and bound to attack or possibly maul someone in the future.

On Monday night it was District A Councilman Neal McCurdy who brought up the issue before fellow members of council. Councilman McCurdy announced that in the past week he has received two calls from residents about pit bulls and Rottweilers running around lose in the city. Councilman Toney B. Thomas announced that he had received a call earlier in the day on Monday from a resident complaining about a stray dog.

Councilman Matthew Hurst also noted that there is a problem with dogs. He stated that it’s not just a problem in one district, but citywide as stray dogs can be seen around the entire city. Councilman Hurst noted a previous shared a personal experience with two large dogs recently on the home of his porch to fellow members of the city council. Councilwoman Tammie B. Williams also shared a previous experience as she showed images on her phone of dogs loose in the city.

As council member noted they are aware of the problem they announced they need help from residents in reporting stray dogs in the city. Residents can call (334)864-1083 to report those animals in their neighborhoods. Calling the number will help city officials get personnel out to deal with the animals and pick them up. Mayor Moody noted that the city has received at least 10 calls in the past month to the number for stray or dangerous dogs in the city.