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Council gets first look at proposed budget


On Monday, members of
the LaFayette City Council
got their first look at the
proposed budget for the
upcoming fiscal year. The
preliminary budget con

sisted of several pages and
carried several similar traits
to the budgets of previ

ous years, but city council
members will look at the
items in the budget in more
depth in the coming weeks
before approving the final
During a scheduled work
session on Monday, the
department heads from the
majority of LaFayette’s city
departments were on hand
to answer questions about
specific requests in their ar

eas of the budget. The hour-
long meeting only touched
the tip of a massive iceberg
of questions that city coun

cil members have ahead of
final budgets approval.
City Clerk Louis Da

vidson went over areas of
the budget and allowed
some department heads to
elaborate on their proposed
departmental budgets. As
Davidson went over each
department of the budget
and the requests of the
department heads he started
with his own, the adminis

tration department. David

son noted his department
was much like many others
in the city and the budget
had remained pretty in line
with last years.
Davidson did note that
his department was budget

ing an additional $20,000
this year for an upcom

ing election to be held.
Davidson also noted that
his department handles hu

man resources for the city
and that there has been an
increase in insurance costs
for the city and that was
budgeted in with his depart

ments expenses as well.
Davidson next discussed
the budget of one of the
cities larger departments
and that was the police
department. Davidson
highlighted a proposed
expense of $105,000 in the
police departments budget
which has been proposed
for the purchase of the
three new Ford Explorers
for the department. The
expense shows the reason
why council members will
have to explore further into
the items in the budget.
While the funds have been
outlined in the budget the
city will not have to fit the
entire expense because a
portion of the cost of the
new vehicles is coming
from a USDA grant.
Chief George Rampey
was on hand at the meeting
and also highlighted a in

crease of $2,000 in the bud

get for travel and training
purposes. Chief Rampey
noted that previously the
city had put $8,000 aside
for the expenses, but the
extra $2,000 is needed
for improved training
and travel for officers in
the department to receive
different certifications so
LaFayette will not have to
rely on outside agencies for
some activities.
Another of LaFayette’s
larger departments is the
streets department. The
department is a make up of
not just the streets depart

ment, but also sanitation
and the cemetery. Super

intendent George Green
heads the department and
discussed areas of his pro

posed budget with council
members on Monday.
Superintendent Green
noted to council members
that one of the challenges
his department faces is one
that several other depart

ments face and that is aging
vehicles. Green’s depart

ment was much like many
others where the largest portion of his proposed
budget came from the costs
associated with employees’
Some departments
in the city showed little
change such as the recre

ation department, senior
center, and the library.
The electric department is
one of the largest parts of
LaFayette’s annual budget.
The expenses proposed in
the preliminary budget in

cluded $18,000 towards the
detention facility expansion
and funds to get electric
substation number one back
LaFayette’s wastewa

ter plant was pretty much
seeing the same budgeted
expenses as last year with
the exception of two items
that need funding. Those
include repairs to an air
raider at the facility and
testing that occurs once ev

ery nine years at the plant.
Council members and
Mayor Barry Moody
reviewed the items in the
budget and noted that it still
has some work to do to get
ready for final approval.
Council members noted
that they plan to hold work
sessions for each depart

ment to give an ample
amount of time to go over
the needs of each depart

ment leading up to the final
Mayor Moody and coun

cil members also thanked
City Clerk Louis Davidson
for all the hard work that
he has put into the budget
and getting the numbers to

gether. An additional work
session is coming up prior
to a future council meeting.