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Council moves to purchase land for LaFayette Cemetery


By Charlotte Blasingame

This past Monday night LaFayette City Council met to discuss actions that needed to be taken care of in the near future.

George Green, City of LaFayette Building, Cemetery, Street and Sanitation Inspector, brought attention to the board that Handy Cemetery located on B Street only has 250 spaces left.

After talking with a realtor he advised there is 3.5 acres available for purchasing at the price of $3500.00 per acre. Councilman Toney Thomas told the board Handy Cemetery is not only a Historical Cemetery but has loved ones buried there that needs to be looked after. He also stated for the good of residents in the city the purchase needs to me made as soon as possible!

Mayor Barry Moody suggested tabling the issue and discussing it at a later date where more information would be made possible. Councilman Thomas disagreed and asked that the Board take advantage of the sale as soon as possible stating he felt it be to the best of interest for said residents.

After a vote of 5 a yes and 1 nay from Councilman Matthew Hurst, the vote passed to purchase the 3.5 acres. Councilman Hurst stated his concern, “was not knowing the total purchase price and that he wasn’t opposed to buying more land needed for the cemetery”.

Mrs. Louise Campbell, grant writer for the city since 2013 assured the city she was doing everything possible to generate grants for much needed projects in the area. Mrs. Campbell commended the city for matching the grant for new police cars with cash, avoiding an available loan. She also said she will be looking into Rural Development Grant monies in the near future.

Mayor Moody thanked her for her assistance in the past. Mrs. Campbell’s contract with the city as its grant writer will be renewable in March 2017.