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Council oks tax holiday


By Alton Mitchell

On Monday evening the LaFayette city council voted unanimously to approve a resolution that allows the city to once again participate in the back to school sales tax holiday. That approval is a welcomed event by LaFayette and Chambers County citizens that offers some relief to the wallets of citizens as they shop for back to school supplies.

The sales tax holiday is nothing new to LaFayette or Chambers County. The area has participated in the event over the past several years. The city of LaFayette took proactive steps to quickly approve the resolution to participate in the July event during its first reading before the city council on Monday. Municipalities have until June 21st to notify the state of Alabama that they will participate in the event.

The Chambers County Commission approved the participation of the county at their April 24th meeting. The city of Lanett agreed to participate and notified the state on April 27th. The city of Valley will also participate and sent notification to the state of Alabama on April 13th.

This year’s back to school sales tax holiday will begin on Friday July 21, 2017 at 12:01 a.m. and will end on Sunday July 23, 2017 at 12 midnight. This year’s tax holiday will include clothing items of $100 or less per article. Items such as belts, boots, caps, school uniforms, underwear, raincoats, robes, jeans, and much more are included. In addition items such as computers, binders, blackboard chalk, legal pads, paper, rulers, scissors, art supplies, and some books are also exempt from sales tax in municipalities choosing to participate.