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Council told medical clinic may move from city to Lanett


Mayor Barry Moody
called the August 26, 2019
City Council Meeting to
order with Council Members
Neal McCurdy, Toney
Thomas, Michael Ellis and
Charlotte Blasingame present.
Councilwoman Tammie
Williams was absent.
After the approval of the
minutes of the August 12
Council meeting, the Council
considered a request by
Ann Gleaton, Superintendent
of the Water Plant, to
authorize requesting bids
for supplying chemicals for
the Water Plant and the Mill
Creek treatment plant. The
Council voted unanimously
to authorize requesting bids.
Councilman Mike Ellis
asked whether the contract
with the School Board to
supply a police officer for
the schools required the
school board to pay the
cost of the officer. He also
asked if the contract would
come before the Council
for its approval. City
Clerk Louis Davidson said
that under the proposed
contract, the school board
would pay half of the officer’s
salary plus 100% of
overtime, which is about
what they pay the City of
Valley for their officers. It
was not clear if the amount
that the School Board will
pay is half of salary only or
half of salary plus benefits.
Councilman Ellis also asked
if there was a contract for
LaFayette police officers
to work the Auburn games,
and if that contract would
come before the Council for
approval, as it did recently
in Opelika. There was considerable
discussion, and
it turns out that previous
contracts for the Auburn
games had not come before
the Council.
There has been a rumor
that Quality Health Care
would be moving to Lanett.
City Clerk Davidson said
that they would soon be
placing a mobile unit in Lanett,
and would operate in
both locations for a while.
If business does not pick
up in LaFayette, they will
cease operations here.
The next topic to be
taken up was the Rebuild
Alabama Transportation
Plan under the Rebuild
Alabama Act, legislation
signed into law this year.
This act, among other taxes
and fees, raises the gasoline
tax by 6 cents per gallon
effective August 31, and
taxes electric vehicles annually
to support construction
and maintenance of
streets, roads and highways.
The Council unanimously
passed two resolutions
necessary for participation
in Rebuild Alabama. The
first resolution approved
a plan for using the funds
and the second authorized
the separate bank account
required for the Rebuild
Alabama funds.

After not receiving any
bids for police car equipment
on the first try, a second
round of soliciting bids
produced two bids, and the
Council voted unanimously
to accept the low bid from
Unique Solutions in the
amount of $31,492.03. This
purchase will at last enable
the new police cars to be
put into service.
The Council voted
unanimously to pay bills
amounting to $300,79.83.
The Mayor told the Council
that he had received “multiple,
multiple, multiple”
compliments on the effective
way that City Clerk Davidson
handles the paying
of the bills.

The Council adjourned by D.J. McElvy.
without any mention of the
date for the surplus property
sale (sale approved in the
April 8 Council Meeting!)
said to be tentatively
scheduled for September

  1. No date was selected
    for the Budget Discussion
    Work Session (Continued
    from the April 8 Work
    Session, scheduled for
    August 19 in the August 12
    Council Meeting and then
    postponed, with a date to
    be selected in this meeting).
    The City’s fiscal year
    begins October 1, 2019.
    Videos of LaFayette
    City Council Meetings are
    available at www.lafayetteforcitizens.