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County accepts bid for jail repair


The Chambers County
Detention Facility reno-
vation project is on the
horizon, but the age of the
facility continues to show
the need for repair to the
existing facility ahead of
the first phase of construc

tion. On Monday afternoon
County Commissioners ap-
proved a project at the facil-
ity well ahead of the start of
the renovation project after
jail officials noted it was no
longer at the point it could
hold off on repairs.
“We did our best to avoid
replacing the system until
construction,” said Major
Mike Parrish on Monday to
members of the Chambers
County Commission. As
Parrish continued he noted
that the existing electronic
control system at the deten-
tion facility could no longer
wait and needed to be re-
placed earlier than the start
of construction.
Luckily the repairs were
anticipated by local officials
and the funds needed for
the project were included
with the Sheriff’s Depart-
ments budget. Seeking the
best price for the project an
announcement was posted to
some of the largest publica-
tions in the state to include
news publications in Hunts-
ville, Birmingham, and
Mobile as well as the states
largest online publication
Following the announce-
ment for bids only two bid-
ders showed interest in the
project. Those included one
company from Montgom-
ery and one from Green-
ville, Alabama. The lower
bid was submitted by the
Montgomery company for
nearly $16,000 less than the
Greenville bidder. County
Commissioners gave their
blessing by approving the
acceptance of the bid for the
improvements to the elec-
tronic control system.
The project is expected
to take exactly six-months
once the work gets go-
ing. The new system being
installed will also be able to
work in the new detention
facility once it is complete.
There was no date given to
start the work, only a vote to
accept the low bidders offer.
On Monday afternoon, the
County Commission also ap-
proved a Sole Source Certifi

cation for the upcoming jail
project. The approval allows
project architect PH&J to
seek approval from the state
to not seek bids for keying
system at the new detention
facility. Those close to the
project want to allow Folgers
Adams Security and Keying
to continue to key the locks
at the jail. Officials note
this has nothing to do with
any standing relationships
between the company and
local government but would
rather maintain consistency
in the locking system to keep
security concerns down at
the facility. The commission
approved the request to allow
the letter to be sent to the
state to seek approval.