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County leads charge against opioids


By Alton Mitchell

Chambers County Attorney Skip McCoy is leading an effort against companies that manufacture medications containing Opioids. An addictive agent found in some prescription medications that have been known to create morphine-like effects and can be highly addictive. These agents have created what some have called an Opioid crisis in the state of Alabama, that has created a strain on jail and law enforcement resources in the state and now Chambers County may be the latest to pursue the companies that manufacture these medications.

“This Opioid Crisis that we have going on throughout the state is very impactful here in Chambers County and has resulted in more incarcerations, more uses of the jail, more uses of law enforcement, and this all stems from we believe an addiction that has been perpetrated on citizens through the use of prescriptions pain pills”, explained Attorney McCoy.

A post-contract was presented to members of the Commission asking for permission for Attorney McCoy and the Beasley-Allen firm to work together and seek to bring an action against Johnson and Johnson and Pharmaco and other pharmaceutical carriers to have a recovery for Chambers County.

Attorney McCoy asked for commission members to approve the contract which will cost the County nothing, but if recovery is made then the County would gain two-thirds of that recovery. Several other local governments across Alabama and the United States have sought similar measures against pharmaceutical carriers
Commissioners unanimously approved the contract to allow Attorney McCoy and the Beasley-Allen law firm to work together to begin the possible recovery efforts for Chambers County.