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County manager earns new title


Chambers County
Manager Regina Cham-
bers is well known
throughout Chambers
County. County Man-
ager Chambers has big
shoes to fill across the
county and does a won-
derful job at keeping the
elements and logistics
of Chambers County
functioning as County
Manager. On Monday,
she was recognized by
members of the Cham-
bers County Commis-
sion for a new role that
she now holds.
On Monday after-
noon, Commissioner
Samuel Bradford read a
resolution that designat-
ed Regina Chambers as
Certified County Admin

istrator and Manager for
Chambers County. As
Commissioner Brad-
ford read the resolution
which outlined the hard
work and devotion that
has gone into the work
done by Chambers since
she began serving as
County Manger in July
of 2015.
Following more
advanced training
and becoming a certi-
fied county manager,
Bradford asked that the
application for Cham-
bers to be placed in the
role of Certified County
Commissioner be ap-
proved. Members of the
Chambers County Com-
missioned voted unani-
mously to approve the
resolution for Chambers