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County unemployment up slightly


By Alton Mitchell

The latest numbers were released for the Chambers County area last week. The numbers indicate that the downward trend that Chambers County enjoyed for a large part of 2015 took a shift in the upward direction in the final month of the year. The unemployment rate in Chambers County rose by .2% in the month of December.

In the month of November Chambers County saw an unemployment rate of 5.4% in December that number rose to 5.6%. The December figures were also higher than those of last December when the numbers of Chambers County unemployment hovered around 5.2%. Statistics show that in the later months of the year and the first months of the New Year unemployment numbers tend to shift higher as holiday seasonal help is laid off and rejoins the ranks of the unemployed.

While there was an increase in the figures for Chambers County still remained below the state average which also saw an increase in unemployment numbers. The state of Alabama saw an unemployment rate of 6.2% in December that was up slightly from the 6.0% rating in the previous month. The trend seen in Chambers County also was demonstrated with state figures as the December 2014 unemployment rate was much lower than this year as well as it showed figures showing 6.1% of the Chambers County population was without work at that time and actively seeking it.

The data released by the Alabama department of Labor shows that Chambers County has about 848 individuals whom are out of working and seeking it. While the Chambers County community has 14,219 individuals who are engaged in employment in the workforce.

Following the holiday season employers tend to lay off employees or go on hiring freezes for the first months of the year. In the coming months shortly before the Spring travel season begins the unemployment numbers should take another turn down as more positions open up for travel season hiring trends.