Home Around Town Crowds clamor on LaFayette’s big day

Crowds clamor on LaFayette’s big day

One of the largest
annual events to take
place in the city of
LaFayette was held over
the past weekend as the
21st annual LaFayette
Day ignited life around
the Chambers County
Courthouse bringing
hundreds of people into
downtown LaFayette for
a long list of events and
renewed fellowships as
the community came to-
gether for a good cause.
The LaFayette Day
celebration for Valley
Haven School kicked
off on Saturday morning
at 9:00 a.m. This year’s
event was threatened by
a chance of strong to se-
vere thunderstorms. The
weather did not dampen
this year’s events in
any way as storms did
not impact the area
until after the festivities
had wrapped up and
sunshine dominated
the weather forecast
through much of the
LaFayette Day has
become a symbolic icon
of the city of LaFayette.
This year’s events fea-
tured some of the annual
favorites such as the car
show, live music, and
the children’s bouncy
houses and train rides.
The day was also filled
with firefighter competi
tions from several re-
gional fire departments
as well as traditional
favorite foods.
Dozens of motor-
cycles roared into the
event as the annual
symbolic roar of the
motorcycle ride has
become a custom of
the event over the past
years. LaFayette Day
has shown significant
growth since its inau-
gural holding in 1997.
LaFayette Day
started in 1997 as just
a small event that was
designed to supple-
ment a local match of
funds for Valley Haven
School in Valley. The
event has now grown
to be one of the larg-
est sources of support
given to the school
that serves residents of
Chambers County and
the surrounding area.
The support and
turnout of this year’s
event are a sure sign
that the event continues
to gain momentum and
continued community
support. This shows
that the partnership
between local govern-
ments and Valley Ha-
ven School will keep
LaFayette Day going
strong for the coming

Large Crowd for LaFayette Day