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Dadeville funeral home fined, closed


By Paul Richardson

An unscheduled inspection by The Alabama Board of Funeral Services (ABFS) on March 10, found Alabama Funeral Homes in Dadeville could have swapped and misidentified two bodied during the cremation process. The Dadeville funeral home will ultimately be shut down for 30 days and fined.

Owner and director Carl Pritchard and Managing Funeral Director Donald Phillips have been pronounced guilty of failing to maintain an identification system, failing to use combustible cremation containers and demonstrating incompetence in a hearing by the State agency.

In a landmark decision, the Alabama Board of Funeral Services voted unanimously to levy fines, suspension and probation to the top operators of Alabama Funeral Homes and Crematory Services in Tallapoosa County.

ABFS Executive Secretary Charles Perine conducted the spot inspection and testified under oath during the hearing.

Funeral home manager Phillips was also found guilty of misrepresentation of facts and lack of full charge and control, counts that only applied to his position.

The crematory operators deny the claims and plan to appeal.