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Day of Prayer set for Aug. 5


By Alton Mitchell

There is an old saying that says there is strength in numbers and power in prayer and the city of LaFayette and its residents have both going for it. On August 5th local residents will get to demonstrate just how powerful and massive that strength is as the city will join together for a day of prayer outside the Chambers County Courthouse.

On Monday night the LaFayette city council unanimously approved a proclamation declaring August 5th as a day of prayer in LaFayette. The goal of the event is to bring the community together in one voice and lift up prayers for the community, the nation, and the world.

The highlight of the event will take place at 6:00 p.m. central time outside of the Chambers County Courthouse on its east side of the building. The event has been organized by Mrs. Diane W. Perry. Mrs. Perry was on hand Monday night at the city council meeting to accept the proclamation.
While thanking the city council for their support over the years Mrs. Perry took time to hit on the reasons the community prays. “After 9-11 the whole nation prayed, prayer vigils are occurring across the nation now following shootings and tragedies,” Perry explained before council, “but here in LaFayette we have been praying for 15 years before things ever happen,” she continued.

Perry explained to council and attendees in the meeting that prayer is something that is not just done when things get hard, but rather something that is done before things happened. Perry offered a unique case to address why the city prays, “we don’t wait until it gets cold outside to cut firewood, we plan ahead and are already ready when the cold get here,” Perry explained while presenting a point to say that the community should not wait until a tragedy to pray, but to do it every day.

Before ending her speech Perry gave a brief history explaining that the origins of the day of prayer began in LaFayette 15 years ago with a small group who still prays together today and has now grown to something that encompasses residents county wide. She also explained that this is a great time to come out and prayer for our city leaders, police officers, firefighters, and students before returning to school. The event is completely free to those who want to attend and for those who can’t they are encouraged to join in from wherever they are located.