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Dr. King dreams still lives on


King MitchellBy Alton Mitchell

This year will mark the 48th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis, Tennessee. Despite the fact that his body may be gone the dream that he gave the ultimate sacrifice for has become closer to a reality. The youth of today can embrace a world that is not free, but limits itself from hate and discrimination. On Monday many from across the region came together to commemorate the legacy left by Dr. King.

Events occurred across the area and many of these were furnished by religious based organizations. The events highlighted and offered celebration to the legacy of Dr. King. The events have become an annual event across the nation.

While many took Monday to enjoy a day off work or school it is important to remember and respect that the events set forth by Dr. King went far beyond just equality in racial based relations in the United States, but also spanned into other fields of Civil Rights that helped to drive other movements further along including women’s suffrage and equality in the LGBT community.

Monday marked a celebration of the birth and legacy of Dr. King, but it is still important to remember that his legacy is not dead only his body. While his dream of equality of all people beyond the barriers of racial and cultural differences has come closer to reality there are still struggles to be overcome in equality in the nation.