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Drug raid nets multiple arrests


By Alton Mitchell
A police officer in the
city of West Point was
injured during the course
of a search warrant being
served at a home on 10th
Street in West Point last
Thursday. The officer is
expected to be ok and five
occupants of the home are
now in custody on a long
list of charges after the
search warrant revealed
illegal narcotics present in
the home.
According to informa-
tion released by the West
Point Police Department,
officers with the agency
went to a home located on
East 10th Street at 9:30
p.m. on Thursday to ex-
ecute a search warrant on
the property. As officers
made entry into the resi-
dence they were able to
locate various amounts of
marijuana that was found
throughout the home.
West Point Police also
were able to arrest five
people at the residence
including one that was
attempting to leave the
scene. West Point Police
identified those arrested
as LaKeithin Buckner,
Stefone Stafford, Mes-
seiar Bonner, LeFranco
McCullough, and Jamon-
tez Cofield. All those
arrested were residence
of West Point. The five
arrested face charges of
purchase, possession,
manufacture, distribution,
or sale of a controlled
substance or marijuana
and felony possession
of marijuana. They were
transported to the Troup
County Jail.
As the search warrant
was being executed on
the residence an offi

cer with the West Point
Police Department was
injured. The officers
injuries resulted in of-
ficers responding from
several nearby agencies
including Lanett Police
Department, Valle Police
Department, Chambers
County Sheriff’s Depart-
ment, Troup County
Sheriffs Department, and
the Georgia State Patrol.
Rumors began to fly fol

lowing the massive show
of law enforcement on the
scene that an officer was
shot or a hostage situa-
tion had taken place at the
West Point Police con-
firm the officer was not
shot and there was not a
hostage situation that took
place at the home. The
officer did receive injuries
related to an accidental
discharge of a taser. The
department notes that
part of the incident is
still under investigation.
The West Point Police
Department did thank
the various agencies that
responded to the scene to
offer assistance.