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Drug Task Force arrests two cooks at Biggies


By Alton Mitchell

The Chambers County Drug Task Force continues to take great strides to combat the sell, use, and distribution of illegal narcotics of all forms in the Chambers County community. The multi-agency force continues to create an environment in which there is a zero tolerance for illegal narcotics in the area. Showing that investigations and prosecution comes in both large and small forms. On last Wednesday two cooks at a small restaurant in Lanett learned exactly how strong the zero tolerance is with the Chambers County Drug Task Force.

Agents from the Chambers County Drug Task Force raided a small restaurant in Lanett on Wednesday. Agents rushed into Biggies which is located near the intersection of 1st Street and North 6th Avenue in Lanett. Agents were executing a search warrant on the small business searching for illegal narcotics.

The search that agents embarked upon resulted in the arrest of two men. The first is Clayton Roberts, he is charged with charges of possession of methamphetamine and distribution of methamphetamine. Also arrested was James Tolbert who was arrested on possession of marijuana charges. Both men were employed at Biggie’s.

Investigators were able to obtain the warrant and raid the small facility after an ongoing investigation and information was obtained in recent weeks suggesting that illegal narcotics were being sold out of the facility. The owner of Biggie’s was not arrested nor charged in relation to the incident. Investigators believe that he is not involved with the illegal drug trade that was alleged to be occurring at the facility. Both Robert’s and Tolbert were employed as cooks at the establishment at their time of arrest.