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Eastside hosts 30 for open house


The fi rst in a series of
Open House events was
conducted Tuesday at Eastside
Elementary School in
LaFayette. Approximately
30 people participated in
the activities, including
parents, community members,
church groups, city
and county government
The event began with a
presentation by Principal
LaKeyda Burnett, during
which participants viewed
a video of math intervention
lessons used in parent
workshops to encourage
home interaction between
students and their parents.
Following the presentation,
the group toured the
school and enjoyed refreshments.
“I was very pleased with
the level of participation
and the professionalism
of the Eastside staff ,” said
Chambers County School
Superintendent Dr. Kelli
Hodge. “I received very
positive feedback from
those who attended.”
Dr. Hodge announced the
schedule of Open House
events last month as an
opportunity for members
of the community to witness
fi rst-hand their local
school system in action.
Invitations were extended
to area church, business,
and civic organizations,
and pre-registration was
The next Open House
will be this Thursday, September
26, at Lafayette
Lanier Elementary School,
beginning at 9 a.m. EDT.
Subsequent events will be
held at a rate of two per
month, with the exception
of December due to the
Christmas holiday observance.
“I hope people will take
advantage of this opportunity
when a school near
them hosts a future Open
House,” said Hodge. “We
have excellent teachers
who work very hard every
day to give our students a
quality education.”

Shown in the photo
above are participants at
Tuesday’s Open House
during a presentation by
Eastside Principal LaKeyda