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Eight chosen to be GVAAC ambassadors


Chambers Academy is
pleased to announce that
eight of its students were
chosen to serve as Greater
Valley Area Chamber of
Commerce Junior Ambassadors
for the 2019-20
school year.
CA is pleased to announce
that the following
students were selected to
serve: Brandalon Rombokas,
Kamdyn Oliver, Maci
Harmon, Madisyn Ford,
Peyton Lamb, Kaylyn
Keebler, Kinsley Gregory,
and Alyssa Sorrells.
Pictured from left to
right standing in the rear
are: Maci Harmon, Kinsley
Gregory, Brandalon
Rombokas, and Kaylyn
Keeber. Seated from left
to right are Peyton Lamb,
Madisyn Ford, Kamdyn
Oliver and Alyssa Sorrells.
These Junior Ambassadors
attended their first
organizational meeting
on Tuesday, August 20th
at the Bradshaw Library
in Valley. They will be
representing CA over the
course of the year working
with other students
from surrounding schools
on service projects for
the Chamber as well as
serving as event hostesses.
Students must apply during
the spring semester
as part of the screening
process for being selected
to the GVACC Junior