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Electronics drop off a success


By Alton Mitchell

The second annual electronics recycling drive sponsored by a partnership between the Chambers County Commission and Mayor Riley of the City of Valley wrapped up last Thursday. This year’s event is one that has kept more than 6,100 lbs of electronics out of the Chambers County Landfill.

Last Week residents from Chambers County were allowed to drop off their unwanted electronics items at the Chambers County Highway Department in LaFayette. Those items were sorted and collected to be transported to Valley on Monday. From Valley the items will be sent to the recycling center.

This is the second year the partnership has occurred, and organizers are reporting positive results that included 77 computers and tv monitors, 34 PC units or typewriters, 26 vcr or DVD players, and 27 fax or copy machines. There were also several phones and microwaves collected during the drive.

Upon completion of the drive a total of 6,140 lbs. of electronics had been collected. Organizers cite the success of the event as it keeps more land open in the landfill and the electronics recycling efforts do not have any additional costs to the county.