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Ellis wins District D, Ennis reelected, runoff in District A


In Tuesday’s council races in the LaFayette municipal election incumbent David Ennis retained his District B seat, while Michael Ellis defeated incumbent Allen Tucker to gain the District D seat. In the race for District A, it appears as though Terry Mangram and Teresa Hamlin will meet on October 9th in a runoff, pending the examination of the provisional ballots cast.

Three candidates qualified for the District A seat, which will be vacated because current Councilman Cornelius Reese entered the mayor’s race. Mangram received the most votes with 79, or 38 percent. Hamlin received 65 votes, while Shanda Story received 64 votes, both totaling approximately 31 percent of the ballots cast.

There were 12 provisional ballots cast in District A, so the possibility exists that Story could overtake Hamlin for the spot in the runoff. Provisionals will be certified on Tuesday, September 4th at noon.

There were 10 absentee ballots cast in the District A race.

In the race for District D, Michael Ellis received 113 votes, or 76 percent, while incumbent Allen Tucker received 35 votes, or 24 percent. There were 14 absentee ballots cast in the race and there were seven provisional ballots.

Tucker has served on the council since 2000. This will be the first term on the city council for Ellis. He will officially take office on November 5th.

“I want to thank God and thank the people that came out and supported me,” Ellis said. “I look forward to working with the mayor and council and I’m ready to go to work.”

Incumbent David Ennis earned 123, or 60 percent, of the votes in the race for District B. Challenger Willie Nell Finley received 82 votes, or 40 percent.

There were 24 absentee ballots cast in District B, the most of any district. Five provisional ballots will have to be certified as well.

Ennis was reelected to his fourth term on the city council. He also served as mayor of LaFayette from 1992 to 1996.

Councilwoman Tammie Williams in District C and Councilman Stevie Rowe in District E did not face opposition in the municipal elections.