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Extension seeks your opinion


Have you ever had
someone ask, “I have al-
ways wanted to learn more
about this topic; is there
any way to have a class or
project on that?” Some
of our best programming
ideas come from YOU!
The Chambers County
Extension Office brings
research-based science to
your neighborhood and
schools. We need your
input to ensure our efforts
are meeting what YOU
Our motivated educa-
tors’ expertise spans a
wide range of areas: 4-H
Youth Development; For-
estry, Wildlife and Natural
Resource Management;
Commercial Horticulture;
Animal Science and For-
ages; Agriculture; Home
Grounds, Gardens and
Home Pests; Agronomic
Crops; Human Nutrition,
Diet and Health; Family
and Child Development;
Food Safety and Quality;
Family Resource Manage-
ment and Workforce De-
velopment; and Nutrition
Education. Oftentimes
we can focus those spe-
cialty areas to meet your
needs… if you tell us your
How? Please visit the
Alabama Extension web-site http://offices.aces.edu/
chambers/ and click on
“Chambers County Citi-
zens Input Needed” in the
left column. Another op-
tion is to go directly to the
Survey at https://auburn.
If you prefer the Exten-
sion Face Book page, the
Grassroots Survey is at
If you need to com-
plete the printed Survey
(instead of online), please
call the Chambers County
Extension office at (334)