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Family Mourns Shooting Death of Father

Al Redding brother of David Reading speaks out about domestic abuse

By Jody Stewart

Domestic violence ended in tragedy for multiple families this weekend. One family lost a 73-year-old man gunned down over the weekend during a domestic dispute that eventually led to the suicide of the suspected shooter in Notasulga. The family of the 73 year old says he died trying to rescue his daughter from an abusive relationship.

The Redding family is mourning the loss of 73-year old David Redding who was a loving husband, father, brother and uncle.

The Redding family was reportedly shocked by the news of the manner of the death of their family member who was murdered on their late mother’s birthday.

“It’s just not how it’s supposed to be,” said Redding’s brother.
Redding was checking in on his daughter who lived on his land off of Trammell Mill Road in Notasulga. She had been living off the grid there with her abusive boyfriend 29 year old Stephen Alexander.

Upon arrival investigators found two tents, a trailer, and an RV parked on the land. Clothes were hanging on a close line, and it appears the couple was using an above ground pool to collect water.

Al Redding said his brother knew his daughter was in an abusive relationship, and he was trying to get her out of it.

Investigators believe when Redding showed up Sunday morning he and Alexander got into a fight and Alexander shot and killed Redding. Then when a neighbor tried to intervene and stop the fight Redding shot him. The two shots the neighbor received are reported to not be life-threatening even though they were both to the chest.

Investigators say after the shooting, Alexander left the campsite and ended his life with a single gunshot along Interstate 85 at exit 16.

Redding says several families are now scarred forever by domestic violence.

“I lost a brother, and they lost him. If anyone is in an abusive relationship, don’t let it lead to something like this, there is help out there,” said Redding.

The shootings remain under investigation. At this point, investigators aren’t ready to say if they believe drugs or mental health issues were factors in the deadly murder-suicide.