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Farm City Winners Named at County Schools

In the photo above, Mrs. Slay is shown with a group of fourth graders at LaFayette Lanier Elementary School as she presents them a copy of their new book.

Mrs. Lilian Slay and her daughter, Chambers County School Board member Mary Terry, visited each of the county’s public schools Monday to recognize winners of the 2019 Farm City coloring, poster, and essay contests. Third through eighth graders throughout the district, as well as Lanett City Schools, were eligible to participate.

At Fairfax Elementary, third grade student Brayden Knight was awarded a blue ribbon as the first-place winner; Ellie Landreth received a red ribbon for second place; and Brylee Davis was given a white ribbon for third place.

The first-place winner at LaFayette Lanier Elementary was third grader Treshun Phillips, while Trey McCarley was awarded second place and Walker Fuller received third place.

At Huguley Elementary, Joley Johnson took first-place honors, along with second-place winner Trinity Reid and third-place recipient Judith Jacobs.

Huguley also had winners in the Farm City poster contest. Dixie Vaughn was awarded first place, Jordan Tucker was the second-place winner, and Kimberly Vaughn finished in third place.

Winning students at Eastside Elementary included Yosgart Palacios (First Place), Jaycee Brown (Second Place), and Cameron Whitlow (Third Place).

At Five Points School, Brayden Taylor won first place in the coloring contest and Kesean Beard was awarded third place.

Sixth-grade poster contest winners at Five Points were Indiana Tucker (First Place), Skye Favor (Second Place), and Coy Foster (Third Place).

Seventh and eighth-grade essay winners at Five Points included Molly McGouirk (First Place), Jermayne Rozier (Second Place), and Madyson Fuzzel (Third Place).

The contests are held each year in conjunction with the observance of Alabama Farm City Week, which focuses on the important partnership between local farmers and their urban neighbors. In addition to awarding ribbons to the winners, Mrs. Slay also presented each school librarian with a book entitled, “Right This Very Minute: A Table to Farm Book About Food and Farming,” published by the Alabama Department of Agriculture.

Each of this year’s contest winners will be invited to attend the annual Farm City banquet on Tuesday, November 19, at the Alpha Building in LaFayette, beginning at 6 p.m. CST.