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Farmers elect new State Commodity Committee leaders


Leadership elections for 16 Alabama Farmers Federation commodity groups
were held during a three-day meeting in Montgomery, Feb. 2-4 at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

Nearly 900 farmers from around the state discussed challenges, set goals
for their respective commodities and helped establish Federation policy.

Shelby County farmer Terry Wyatt, who grows cotton, wheat, soybeans, corn and grain sorghum on his farm near Harpersville, said he’s been attending the conferences for years. He said the meeting is important because it
helps him learn about new tends and technology that’s available to farmers.

“We learn about new varieties plus other things that could help us this
year or in the future,” Wyatt said. “The meetings have excellent speakers who give up-to-date information we might not get otherwise.”

Adam Wilson of Calhoun said this year was his second time attending the
commodity organization conference. He raises cotton and cattle with his
father, Wendell Wilson.

“I’m still new to all this but I see a lot of value in coming to this
meeting,’ said Wilson, 24. “I want to be a good advocate for agriculture so
it’s important for me to understand what’s going on in our industry so I
can convey that information to people who aren’t involved in agriculture.”

Federation Governmental and Agricultural Programs Director Brian Hardin
said the annual meeting charts the course of the state’s largest farm

“State commodity committee members are all farmers who are elected by
farmers,” Hardin said. “Who better to determine the goals and issues these
commodity committees will address than farmers? It’s a true grassroots

Alabama peanut farmers met Feb. 11 in Dothan for the Alabama Peanut
Producers Association annual meeting. For more information, visit

In addition to electing new commodity leaders, the meetings honored
outgoing commodity committee members during lunch each day. They were Joe Lambrecht, Elmore County, Bee & Honey Committee; Paul Wheeler, Perry
County, Catfish Committee; Jimmy Miller, Blount County, Cotton Committee; Toni Flowers, Montgomery County, Equine Committee; Jackie Loyd of Jackson County and Michael Jenkins of Jefferson County, Horticulture Committee; Albert Miller, Mobile County, Pork Committee; Mike Carnes, Marshall County, Poultry Committee; Pat Buck, Sumter County, Soybeans Committee; and Chip Stacey, Conecuh County, Wildlife Committee.