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Finally, common sense


Dear Editor:

Finally I found someone who has common sense when it comes to the Parkdale school shooting..It’s just weird that it came from an editor of a newspaper who usually are the most sickening liberals you can find .I just want to thank Mike Wilcox for his comments in the 2/28/18 edition of the Lafayette Sun. When you had a deeply disturbed individual who couldn’t have set off more red flags,if he’d tried. It’s more like he had a neon sign attached to him saying “I’m a school shooter in the making” and never had any action taken against him.

If you think back over the last shootings, the F.B.I. always had them on their radar but what good did that do? The last shooters all were diagnosed with a mental illness, what good did that do? They need to come up with a data base connected to the government back ground check in which a mental health expert,not a group of liberals,can enter their name into as a threat. And like wise the local law enforcement would be able to make sure that individual wouldn’t be allowed to be in a home where he could have access to a gun.

Mike is exactly right about hardening our schools in this day of terrorism, violent video games, violent rap music,and violent Hollywood movies. You’ll never hear liberals say let’s take violence out of these groups that our children watch or listen to all hours of the day and night. The reason for that is liberals don’t want to agitate their donor base, and then they criticize conservatives for taking up for the NRA, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Could you imagine Adam Schiff (who I believe has schiff for brains) putting forth a bill condemning Hollywood for violence in their movies?

Another thing that shouldn’t surprise me is the ignorance of the media and liberals on guns since they probably never had a gun in their soft calloused free hands. The dreaded assault weapons are no different than my trusty old semi automatic deer rifle, with the exception of looks. I can, without changing a thing ,shoot just as fast and just as hard as any so called assault weapon, so it’s a slippery slope when you start banning certain guns just for their looks. In my opinion a 12 gauge shotgun with a modified choke shooting 00 buckshot is the deadliest weapon in the world in a crowd situation .If you want to know the truth the reason assault weapons are preferred by young people is because that’s what they see in movies and video games.

One day liberals will realize that our guns mean as much to us as abortion does to them, hey maybe we could have a trade off,if they will outlaw abortion we’ll outlaw assault weapons but that wouldn’t work, you’d have to pry their suction machines out of their cold dead fingers just like they’d have to pry mine from my gun.

Mike, keep up the great work, you have the only decent newspaper left in our area.

Danny Mitchell
Huguley, Alabama