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Five properties declared nuisance


The LaFayette city
council continues to be the
driving force behind revi

talizing and modernizing
LaFayette. Those efforts
are spearheaded by beauti

fication efforts around the
city, including an on-going
battle to get local property
owners to clean up their
act and their property. On
Monday evening council
members declared four lo

cal properties as nuisances
Prior to the start of
Monday’s city council
meeting a special public
hearing was held as council
heard testimony from a lo

cal police officer about five
questions that are in viola

tion of a city ordinance for
upkeeping their property.
Sgt. Quantavious
Lockhart, of the LaFay

ette Police Department
advised council members
that he has attempted to
contact property owners
for five properties in the
city of LaFayette that are
in violation of ordinance
367, overgrown property.
Sgt. Lockhart advised
council members that he
has mailed notices to the
owners at their address ac

cording to tax records and
also pinned notices on the
Lockhart notified prop

erty owners located at 402
2nd Street N.W., 519 2nd
Avenue S.W., Martin Lu

ther King Drive, Flournoy
Drive, and 2nd Avenue
S.W. Lockhart told council
members that all properties
in question were still in
violation of the ordinance
with overgrown weeds,
trees, and brush.
Council members
learned of one property
owner that was trying to
get their property situated
and making an effort. City
Attorney Joseph “Mac”
Tucker advised council
members that Rodger
King, owner of the proper

ty located at 402 2nd Street
N.W. had written a letter
to council members letting
them know he is working
to get the property back up
to code, but it would take
some time.
Council learned that
King has began to clean
up the property which was
the former Avondale Mill.
However, the property
has a massive amount of
debris and may take
several months to clean up
completely. City officials
seemed pleased that an
effort was being made to
get the property back in
compliance with the city
Another property in
LaFayette did not fare so
well as officials took a
closer look at it. A property
in the 700 block of Martin
Luther King Jr. Drive has
become a public nuisance
for a few years. A neighbor
to the property came before
council on Monday to
update them on the severity
of the property’s neglect.
The neighbor identi

fied as Ms. Whitlow told
council members that the
problems with the property
which belongs to Annie
Pearl Parkman has been
a nuisance for her for at
least the last three years.
Ms. Whitlow told council
members that the property
is overgrown and has be

come a haven for wildlife
to include coyotes and field
rats. Whitlow told council
members that something
has tunneled below her
home and is living there
and eating away at the
home. She also explained
that the coyotes on the
property are running out at
Council members
passed a resolution de

claring the property as a
nuisance. The same action
was taken against all the
properties city council
looked at as nuisance prop

erties on Monday with the
exception of the property
located at 402 2nd Avenue
N.W. which was the Avon

dale Mill property and
presently being worked
on. Council voted to table
a resolution declaring the
property as a nuisance for
a term of 60 days to allow
the owner to continue with
the massive cleanup at the
LaFayette city council
has been aggressive in
targeting overgrown prop

erty over the past summer.
Residents have presented
complaints that included
safety concerns with
wildlife including snakes
living on these unkept
properties. The city has ad

dressed numerous proper

ties around the city under
its efforts to get property
owners to clean up their act
and yards