Home News Former deputy chief arrested on 40 felony counts

Former deputy chief arrested on 40 felony counts


William Lane, former
Randolph County chief
deputy was arrested after
work Friday afternoon.
According to DA Jeremy
Duerr, he faces 40 felony
They include 11 counts
of use of official’s position
for personal gain, one
count first degree theft of
property, and 28 indict-
ments of fraudulent use
of credit or debit cards
related to the Sheriff’s
Office Rodeo Association
bank account.
Sheriff David Cofield
says he’s looking now to make changes.
“I’ve worked hard the
last eight years to improve he Randolph County
Sheriff’s Office. But
in light of these indict-
ments, I feel now that
it is necessary to take a
step back, review policy
and protocol, make any
necessary changes so that
I can continue to move the
office in a forward direc

tion,” he said.
He says he’s also
looking into the Sheriff’s
Rodeo Association Fund,
specifically the bookkeep

ing and protocol for how
the money is handled. The
rodeo is held each year to
benefit the sheriff’s office.