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Fredonia FD Receives $300k Plus Grant


Congressman Mike
Rogers congratulated the
Fredonia Fire and Rescue
today for receiving
fi re grants totaling over
$351,000 from the U.S.
Department of Homeland
Security, funding Rogers
said would help the
fi re department purchase
new operations and safety
equipment and a fi refi ghting
“Chambers County’s
fi rst responders are our
fi rst line of defense,” Rogers
said. “I congratulate
Fredonia Fire and Rescue
for receiving this grant
and hope it will ultimately
help increase the safety for
all local citizens.”
Rogers said the grants
should be awarded under
the 2018 Assistance to
Firefi ghters Grant Program,
an essential federal
program which supports
fi rst responders across
Alabama and the nation.
The fi re department
will receive a grant for
$333,333.33 for vehicle
acquisition and a grant for
$18,228.57 for operations
and safety equipment.

According to the
Homeland Security Department,
which administers
the grant, the purpose
of the program is to award
funding directly to fi re
departments, nonaffi liated
EMS organizations and
state fi re training academies.
These awards aim
to enhance fi rst responders’
ability to protect the
health and safety of the
public, as well as that of
fi rst-responder personnel,
with respect to fi re-related